Driving on unpaved roadsOne of the best things about Prescott for outdoor enthusiasts is off road trails… unpaved and made up of gravel and dirt, road ruts, mud, tree roots and large rocks. What could be more fun?! Hoist Towing wants to make sure you have a good time enjoying Prescott’s back roads and offers this quick guide for safe driving.

Be prepared

Whether you were a scout or not, if you haven’t traveled a new route before, be prepared. Pack a current map (in case your GPS goes out), including some idea of where you’re going and how you’re getting back. Check your vehicle’s fluid levels (especially gas) and your tires’ air pressure including the spare. Extra food and water is always a good idea. Always tell someone where you are planning to be and a rough estimate of when you expect to return.

Slow Down

Unpaved roads can be both thrilling and unpredictable. Drive slow enough that you can safely and quickly respond to unexpected turns, large rocks, tree roots, and even animals. Don’t wait until you need to brake to apply the brake. You’re driving on different terrain so get a feel, before you need to, of how your vehicle responds to this new landscape. Be alert to road hazards and unexpected changes in visibility. The key to having fun is to make sure you have full control of your vehicle no matter what unexpected surprises the local terrain offers.

Be aware

Dirt, gravel, and sand, unlike pavement, can be loose and unstable. If you’re not used to those surfaces it’s important to drive slower, steer softer and avoid sudden changes in traction like speeding up or braking which can get you stuck fast – especially if it’s recently rained. It’s also important to be aware of your car’s ground clearance. There may not be a large rock or tree root in front of you but a narrow dip in the road is enough to stop some cars in their tracks.

If you’re heading to any one of Prescott’s many great back roads any time soon, Hoist Towing hopes you have fun. But if you find yourself stuck or broken down for any reason, trust Hoist Towing to get you going safely and quickly. If you need help call us at (928)-660-0606.

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