Prepare Your Motorcycle for Spring!

Arizona Spring Season Motorcycle Riding

The Sturgis Rally is not so far ahead! This year, you may embark on the long trip to the Black Hills, South Dakota. Or perhaps you will travel to the many motorcycle venues that Arizona offers. Either way, you’ll want to make sure your bike is ready for the spring season.

Did You Take the Winter Off?

In North-Central Arizona, some brave souls ride year-round. However, some of us, take the winter off to get all the winterizing done when forced to hang up our riding boots for the cold season. So, your bike should be about ready to go. But if not, getting your cycle in excellent shape will in fact take a little work.

The Motorcycle Basics

Moreover, are you ready to start the process of de-winterizing? Let’s talk about the basics. Here is a quick list to make sure you haven’t missed the unquestionably important stuff:

  • Blow the dust off your user’s manual and then, review it to get back in the groove.
  • Check the battery: It will probably require a charge if it is lead-acid or lithium.
  • Fuel up: Drain the old if you haven’t because you shouldn’t use old gas.
  • What is your oil and filter status? Now would be a good time to change both.
  • Check the fluids you may not often think about your coolant and brake fluid.

Tires and Motorcycle Safety

Let’s consider the all-important subject of your tires. Tires are so essential for safety that you should them before every ride. Carefully contemplate this: Very few square inches of rubber hold hundreds of pounds of metal plus your body weight. This applies every time you get on the road with your motorcycle. Keeping your tires in good condition is vital. Never try to squeeze out a little more mileage on your tires. It is not worth the risk to you and other people on the road.

Arizona Spring Season Motorcycle Riding

Spring Cleaning

Now the fun part! Shine it up and make it sparkle! That first time you hit the road again this spring, get your bike looking as good as you feel. Then you will even feel better. Give it a good scrub and then wax it thoroughly. It will be well worth the effort. Your cycle will not only look great but will be protected from riding to help protect it from nuisances like rocks and dirt. This will also guard your bike against the UV rays of the sun.

Let’s Go!

Now, with fresh fuel in the tank, the battery charged, and a bike glitters in the sunlight, you are good to go. Have fun on the road this year!

If You Get Stranded: Call Hoist Towing & Recovery

Make all the safety preparations before heading out on your bike. Remember that no matter how many precautions take to get ready, you can still get stranded on the road or trail. If you do, call the experts at Hoist Towing & Recovery. Our extraction and winching equipment are the best of the best. We will rescue you and your motorcycle quickly and safely. Our recovery team is available 7 days a week to come to the aid of stranded bikes and vehicles near Prescott, Sedona, Williams, Flagstaff, and many other areas throughout Arizona. Save our number to your phone now (928)-660-0606 and visit our website CLICK HERE.

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