Roadside assistance for electric carsElectric cars are becoming more and more popular. While in some regards they have much less in common with their traditional gasoline engine counterparts. There is however, one thing they do have in common: they also break down. Hoist Towing and Recovery advises Prescott drivers of these common reasons electric vehicle owners call upon our services.

Drained battery

Both combustion engines and electric engines depend on fuel – whether it’s gas or electric – and when it runs out it leaves both types of cars stranded. Since the inception of electric vehicles there have been vast improvements in the durability and longevity of electric car batteries, but they are not without limits. There is simply no comparison to the availability of charging stations vs. gas stations when you need fuel.

Damaged Battery

A far more serious problem than your car’s battery running out of charge is damage to the lithium-ion batteries found in electric cars. They can break and decay just like any regular battery. And they can do it as unexpectedly as those in conventional types of cars. While batteries are constantly being improved and made more reliable, they occasionally still fail. Charging an irreparably damaged battery is not an option and it will need to be replaced.


The brakes in electric cars are comparable to those found in conventional cars and are subject to the same pads and rotors that wear down resulting in their need to be replaced. Even though electric cars employ regenerative-designed braking systems to reduce this degradation in materials they are not beyond wear and failure, and will require replacing at some point in time.


Despite the myths, some electric cars are considerably heavier – as a result of the battery system’s extra weight – than conventional gas cars. This explains the well-known (among electric car owners) excessive tire tread wear and corresponding tire replacement frequency. Tires with heavy tread wear are more prone to punctures and flats. If anything, electric cars are certainly no exception to tire problems.

If your electric vehicle has any one of these failures, or some other unexpected situation befalls you when you’re out driving around Prescott, simply call the towing and recovery experts at Hoist Towing for immediate assistance. We offer emergency roadside assistance. Call us at (928)-660-0606.

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