Having your vehicle towed after an accident Let’s imagine you are traveling around Prescott when the unimaginable happens. Your car lurches to a halt and you realize you’ve been in a car accident. Most of us will agree that It’s one of the worst feelings you can experience. Hoist Towing & Recovery has some advice if you need your vehicle towed, and what to do when you call a towing company.

Call Your Insurance Company

Many insurance policies cover the cost of towing. Your insurance carrier may have preferred towing providers or distance limits. Having this information beforehand will help you know what to do and the amount you may expect to be reimbursed to you.

Take Pictures of the Damage

Taking pictures of the damage to your vehicle before the tow truck arrives is important for documentation purposes. This also protects you in the event your vehicle is damaged in transit or at the location to which it has been towed. Photos taken with your phone are date and time stamped, which also can help in the settling of your insurance claim.

Ask for A Price Estimate

Different towing companies use different pricing methods. Some might charge a flat fee while others may charge per mile. It’s helpful to know what forms of payment they accept so you are not inconvenienced further.

Ask How They Will Be Towing Your Car

There are two common ways in which your car can be towed: hook and chain or the more preferred method, flatbed. Flatbed towing is preferable because the entire vehicle is hoisted up on the truck. With the hook and chain method, further damage to your car can occur. Make sure that you describe the damage to your vehicle as this can affect the way the car should be towed.

Ask Where They Will Be Towing Your Car
A good towing company will ask where you would like your car to be towed. Let them know whether you want it towed to an auto body shop that you trust or to your home. If you are unfamiliar with the area, however, the tow truck driver may be able to give you a recommendation for a mechanic.

Keep the receipt
If you pay up front for the towing service, and expect to be reimbursed, you will need to submit the receipt to your insurance carrier. Keep a copy for yourself as well.

We hope that you are not involved in a car accident, but if that unfortunate circumstance does happen, these tips may make your experience less stressful. If you find yourself in need of towing for any reason, call Hoist Towing & Recovery, emergency roadside assistance in Prescott and Northern Arizona at (928)-660-0606.

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