Safety tips when you need roadside assistanceNo matter how well you care for your vehicle, and how good a driver you are, there are still times that a road hazard or event may occur that requires you to call for roadside assistance. Hoist Towing and Recovery offers helpful tips to ensure your safety when you need roadside assistance in Prescott.

Your safety is the number one priority, and these suggestions will help:

Get off the road as soon as possible.

If you’re driving and something happens to your car, move off the road quickly (and safely). Get out of the flow of traffic. Look for a rest stop if possible. If not, look for a wide shoulder, emergency lane, exit, or parking lot. You always want to move towards the furthest right lane or shoulder.

Let people know there’s something wrong.

Find the hazard button in your car – it’s the big one with the red triangle on it – and put your hazard lights on. This way others on the road will know you’ve got car problems and react accordingly.

Don’t leave the car until you’re out of traffic.

Never get out of the car until you’ve safely moved your vehicle out of the flow of traffic. If you can’t get your car out of traffic, don’t get out, not even to pop the hood or check out the damage.

Safely exit the car.

When it’s safe, if it is possible, get out of the car on the opposite side of traffic, even if you have to crawl over the passenger seat. Once you’re out of the car though, go ahead and pop the hood, examine for any kind of damage, and attempt any kind of repairs, check your tires, etc., if you know what you are doing. Usually you will need to call for a towing service.

Increase your visibility.

Mark your location with flares or triangles if you have them. At the very least, raise your vehicle’s hood. This is another signal to others on the road that you’re having car problems and need help.

Hoist Towing and Recovery hopes these safety tips will be helpful, should you need roadside assistance in Prescott. We serve Prescott and the surrounding areas and want to be your Northern Arizona roadside assistance service. For all of your roadside needs, contact Hoist Towing and Recovery at (928)-660-0606.

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