Emergency items to keep in your vehicleIt is impossible to know when or where your car might break down. Oftentimes, drivers find themselves without cell service and miles away from help. Here at Hoist Towing & Recovery, we have suggestions for some emergency items that Prescott drivers should consider keeping in their vehicle.

Jumper cables or jump starter

One of the emergency items is a set of Jumper cables which can get you out of a jam if your car battery dies. Keep these cables in your car at all times in case you need to phone a friend or flag down a good samaritan. A portable jump starter is also a great option if you don’t want to rely on another person to get your car up and running.

First Aid Kit

Another great emergency car kit item is a first aid or medical kit which is collection of supplies and equipment used to give immediate medical treatment, primarily to treat small injuries, but it could minimize damage until help arrives. A kit should contain at least bandages, cotton pads, medical tape, curved scissors, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, ibuprofen and antihistamines, hot and cold packs, and tweezers. Additional items can include instructions for CPR and other first-aid treatments.

Spare tire

You should check the tire pressure on your spare on a regular basis. Otherwise, you may be stranded with two flats. Make sure your jack and tire iron are stored nearby too, so you can change the tire if you need to. If your car does not have a spare, you should have a full can of Slime or Fix a Flat.

“Fix-A-Flat” is pressurized so no air compressor is needed. Great for getting you out of harm’s way on the highway to the nearest repair facility. “Slime” (imo) works better for dealing if you have access to an air compressor. Notify the repairman of sealant use when having the tire repair.

Tow Strap

Having emergency items such as a tow strap if your car breaks down or you get stuck in the mud or snow can help to get your vehicle out and off to the side of the road. Check the label on the tow strap to ensure that it’s the right size and durability for your car. Also, always double-check your car’s user manual before using a tow strap so you don’t damage your vehicle in the process.


If your car breaks down when it is cold out, this could be a lifesaver. It also doubles as a seat cover if you are stuck changing a tire in the rain.

Duct tape

Duct tape is like a multi-tool. It can fix just about anything – at least temporarily.


A functioning flashlight is essential item for your emergency car kit. If you’re stranded off-road at night. It can also help you search your car in the dark, so you don’t have to drain your car’s battery in the process. Make sure you have plenty of extra batteries stashed in your car as well, so you don’t run out of light.

If you are planning a road trip, there could be long stretches of desert with no services in sight. Taking the time to plan ahead and be prepared with an emergency car kit could get you out of an unfortunate breakdown, or at least help keep you comfortable while you are waiting for help to arrive. Some additional items to consider taking are a rain poncho, tool kit, reflective vest, road flares, fire extinguisher, extra water and non perishable food.

If you need any type of roadside assistance, call Hoist Towing & Recovery for service in Prescott and surrounding areas at (928)-660-0606. We will get you up and running in no time.

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