If you are locked out of your carYou may have, like most of us at one time or another, realized – just as you hear the car door slam shut – that your keys are still inside. Whether you’ve locked your keys in the car or there’s a mechanical problem with the lock itself, Hoist Towing and Recovery offers some tips to Prescott drivers.

Check all the locks first

If you don’t have your keys, you might find that simply checking all of the doors is the answer to your problem. An open window or a door that was not successfully locked can be your way back in. If you get in because a lock doesn’t work properly, be sure to get it repaired immediately. If you do have your keys but your principal lock is broken, follow the same advice and test every door including the hatch. Also, your car’s remote key may be the source of the problem, so if you have a physical key be sure to try it, too.

Call a friend

Whether or not you’ve thoughtfully given a spare set of keys to a family member or friend, being locked out of your car can leave you in a potentially vulnerable position. If they can’t bring you a key, call them anyway to either be with you or take you somewhere safe while you wait for professional help.

Call for professional help

In an emergency situation (car running, children in the car, extreme temperatures that are hazardous to children or pets), call your local police department first. If you’re a member of a roadside emergency club, take advantage of your membership fee and call them to open your car. You can also call a local locksmith. If the car lock itself is causing the problem, they may be able to diagnose and repair it, and replace keys if yours have been broken or lost. Your trusted local towing company is also fully trained and capable of getting you back into your car.

There are a number of problems that could leave Prescott drivers locked out. Getting you back in your vehicle quickly and safely is important to you and it’s important to us. If you find yourself locked out in an emergency situation that could endanger the lives of your passengers, call 9-1-1. Otherwise, if you’re locked out of your vehicle or need any kind of roadside assistance, even if you’re at home, call the roadside recovery experts at Hoist Towing and Recovery at (928)-660-0606.

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