Winter Tire Safety is Important. Do You Have the Right Tires for Winter Driving in Arizona?

Winters in the Great State of Arizona are always a mixed bag for driving conditions. Winter tire Safety is something to think about. While it very rarely snows in the southern half of the state, we get snow here in the Prescott area. In fact, some winters a little, other winters a lot! Of course, winter driving can be a real challenge up in the Verde Valley and especially in the Flagstaff area. Winter tire safety is important if you are going to be driving in these conditions.


What Kind of Tires Are Best for Winter Driving Weather?

There are several tire options available to Arizona drivers to help them navigate the snowy, rainy, and icy conditions during the months of colder climate. Now before winter hits is a good time to weigh your options. Here are three choices for Winter Tire Safety:


Tire Studs

Studdable winter driving tires use metallic or hard rubber studs work to increase traction in harsh winter conditions. Studdable winter tires are sold without studs, which must be purchased and installed separately.

Metallic studs have an outer tungsten carbide pin with a cylindrical end that roots firmly into the tire tread. The hard metal act as hammers and claws into ice and snow-covered roads as the tires rotate. They are a great way provide extra grip for rugged-winter driving. But there are a few drawbacks to studded tires. When the road isn’t icy or snowy, the studs will decrease traction because the tire treads will not hold on to the road. If you use studded tires, be sure have the studs removed in the early spring.


Snow Tire Chains

You know how stressful it can be if you’ve ever driven near Flagstaff through snow or over ice then you know winter tire safety is a must. When you’re planning a trip to the mountains from November through the early Spring season, be aware that conditions await you. Even 4WD vehicles can be equally challenged by brutal winter weather.

That’s where tire chains can be a great option. Tire chains wrap around your tires and bite through snow and ice, ensuring extra traction. However, one irritating thing about tire chains is the work to put them on and take them back off! Many all-wheel-drive vehicles don’t permit the use of chains. Make sure to so check your owner’s manual to make sure chains are legal and verify which tires are suitable for chains.


“Three-Peak” Tires for Winter Driving and All Seasons

Winter Tire Safety Tip from Sun Valley Tire & Auto Service, Prescott Valley, Rick tells us that the most popular tire for all-weather driving is the tire with the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol. Approved for use in severe winter conditions.

Tested and proven these tires are able to perform under extreme winter driving conditions. They either meet or exceed the prerequisite capability requirements put in place by the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association to ascertain whether a tire is suitable for severe snow conditions. A great benefit is that there is no need to make a seasonal change to winter tires and back again. A potential disadvantage is that they may not have quite the gripping power that chains or studs offer in really tough winter conditions.


If You Get Stuck: Call Hoist Towing & Recovery

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