Roadside assistance for electric carsElectric cars are gaining popularity rapidly, and in many ways, they differ significantly from traditional gasoline engine vehicles. However, they share a commonality: the possibility of breaking down. Hoist Towing and Recovery highlights common reasons why electric vehicle owners in the area may require our services.

Electric Car Drained battery

Both combustion engines and electric engines rely on fuel—whether it’s gas or electricity—and when it depletes, both types of vehicles can find themselves stranded. Over the years, there have been substantial improvements in the durability and lifespan of electric car batteries. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge their limitations. One notable distinction lies in the availability of charging stations compared to traditional gas stations when refueling is required. While electric vehicle charging infrastructure is expanding, it may not match the widespread presence of gas stations, impacting the convenience and accessibility of refueling for electric cars.

Damaged Battery

Damage to the lithium-ion batteries in electric cars poses a more significant concern than a simple depletion of charge. Despite advancements in battery technology, these batteries can experience issues such as breaking and decay, much like their conventional counterparts. Unexpected failures can occur, emphasizing the need for awareness and proactive maintenance. Although ongoing improvements strive to enhance reliability, occasional battery failures still occur. In cases of irreparable damage, charging becomes impossible, necessitating the replacement of the lithium-ion battery for continued optimal performance of the electric vehicle.


The braking systems in electric vehicles closely resemble those found in conventional vehicles, utilizing the same pads and rotors that undergo wear and eventual replacement. However, electric vehicles distinguish themselves with regenerative-designed braking systems, an innovative feature aimed at reducing wear and enhancing efficiency.

In electric cars, regenerative braking works by converting the kinetic energy generated during braking into electrical energy, which is then stored in the vehicle’s battery for later use. This process not only helps in extending the electric car’s range but also contributes to the reduction of wear on traditional brake components.

Despite the advantages of regenerative braking in mitigating wear, it’s important to note that electric cars are not entirely immune to degradation, and the brake components will eventually require replacement. This highlights the need for regular maintenance in both electric and conventional vehicles, despite the advanced technology integrated into electric car braking systems.


Contrary to certain myths, some electric cars are significantly heavier than their traditional gas counterparts, primarily due to the added weight of the battery system. This increased weight is known to result in pronounced tire tread wear, leading to more frequent tire replacements—an issue well-recognized among electric car owners. Tires with substantial tread wear are more susceptible to punctures and flats, emphasizing that tire problems are indeed not exempt in the realm of electric vehicles.

Navigating the unique challenges of electric vehicles requires specialized assistance, and at Hoist Towing and Recovery, we offer dedicated services tailored for electric car owners. Our electric vehicle towing ensures safe and efficient transport for your EV, whether due to a breakdown or any other situation. Additionally, our electric car roadside assistance goes beyond traditional services, providing empowering solutions for tire issues, brake concerns, and battery-related challenges. Trust us to revolutionize your electric car experience with expert guidance and comprehensive support, serving Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, Mayer and other parts of Northern Arizona.

If your EV encounters any of these issues or faces an unexpected situation while you’re driving in Prescott or neighboring areas, reach out to the towing and recovery experts at Hoist Towing for prompt assistance. We provide emergency roadside assistance for a swift and reliable response. Call us at (928)-660-0606.

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