Off Road Vehicle Stuck in Rushing Water4×4 Rescue and Recovery

Are you a 4×4 driver who loves to truck in the desert lands? Although in the Prescott area we are in the mountains, neighboring Maricopa County is in a desert. In either area, the monsoons cause flash floods that can be dangerous and traumatic for a 4×4 or any vehicle. Your 4×4 is likely well-protected from the usual climate conditions like excessive sun and moderate rainstorms. Yet a flash flood can instantly cause massive damage to your truck, SUV or ATV.

You Need a Plan during Arizona Monsoon SeasonMonsoon Storm

Many of the recreation areas and parks you enjoy exploring are also channels or basins. As we all know, they are dangerous to drive in during heavy storms. Stay out of flooded areas. But flash floods come without warning, and you need a plan.

Take Your Cell Phone

Of course, taking your cell phone on any drive through the desert or the woods is a no-brainer. And obviously if you and your passengers are in physical danger, call 911. As for your vehicle, some serious interior and exterior damage can result. The harm can be minimized by quickly calling the experts in the skills of Hoist Towing & Recovery for 4×4 rescue and recovery.

Hoist Towing & Recovery to the Rescue!

A flatbed towing service is always the best way to protect your off-road vehicle. The professionals at Hoist Towing & Recovery are experienced in all kinds of 4×4 rescue and recovery. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency Recovery
  • 4×4 Recovery
  • ATV Recovery
  • Flood Cleanup
  • Off-Road Recovery
  • Winching and Up-Righting
  • Ditch Extractions
  • Vehicle Rollover Recovery
  • Accident Recovery & Clean Up
  • Water, Mud, and Snow & Ice Recovery

Learn more about our flatbed towing service here:

For 4×4 Rescue and Recovery, Call Us at Hoist Towing & Recovery

Hoist Towing Off Road Recovery 4x4 Truck

Stuck in the mud? Our crew applies state of the art winching and extraction equipment and techniques. The pros at Hoist Towing & Recovery are the experts of damage-free recovery, towing, and cleanup. We minimize further damage to your 4×4 or anything you drive, and we’ll do the job safely. Our 4×4 rescue and recovery staff is available to come to the aid of stranded vehicles in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino, Mayer, Crown King, Black Canyon City and many off-road areas throughout Arizona. Call us at (928)-660-0606 and visit our website at

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