Flatbed towingFlatbed towing services represent one of the simplest and safest approaches to tow any vehicle. In the event of an accident or vehicle breakdown, securing a reputable towing service becomes crucial for relocating your vehicle to the destination of your choice. Whether it’s heading to a repair shop or returning to your home, Hoist Towing & Recovery is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and reliable transportation process.

Who do you call when your vehicle breaks down? One thing to consider is that there are two basic types of tow trucks:

  • One type tows vehicles by lifting them only on one end. Often, towing vehicles with dolly trucks will require the drive shaft to be removed. On the side of the road in the dark, with traffic passing, and a damaged vehicle, it’s the last thing you want to be doing. Flatbed towing is fast and requires no mechanical modifications to your vehicle.
  • A flatbed truck allows the entire vehicle to sit on the truck platform. They typically have a tilt component and winch, which allows the bed of the tow truck to be positioned at the front wheels of the vehicle being towed. The winch is then used to pull the vehicle up onto the bed of the tow truck. The vehicle is then secured in position. Some tow trucks are big enough to carry two vehicles simultaneously. Loading most vehicles onto a flatbed tow truck is fast and easy. There are no complicated adjustments to be made. Simply winch the vehicle onto the truck’s bed, secure it, and then transport it to its final destination, ready for unloading.

There are many types of towing companies out there. Some companies tow by lifting one the end of the vehicle while some use flatbed tow trucks that safely load your vehicle on the platform of the tow truck. Nowadays flatbed towing is the most preferred method of towing vehicles. In flatbed towing there is a trailer or truck that has a flatbed on its rear end that is used to transport vehicles from one place to another.

Why does Hoist Towing and Recovery use flatbed towing?

  • Less risk of damage to your vehicle. You don’t want your vehicle to be damaged as it’s being transported. You may already have some damage that will cost you money to repair. Traditional tow trucks tow vehicles by pulling them with the front wheels raised off of the ground. Your vehicle can get damaged as it’s moved over rough or bumpy roads. Flatbed towing is the best way to keep your car safe from damage during transportation.
  • Versatility. Traditional tow trucks cannot transport as wide a range of vehicles as flatbed trucks can. Whether you need to tow a boat, a motorcycle, an SUV, or any other vehicle, a flatbed tow truck can safely transport your vehicle. As long as your vehicle fits on the flatbed, it can be towed.

During flatbed towing your entire vehicle rests on the bed of the tow truck and is secured by several anchors that help to protect it from additional damages. The vehicle does not experience any harsh impacts of potholes, bumps or high speed and securely reaches its destination.

Hoist Towing and Recovery utilizes flatbed towing services across Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, and their surrounding areas to ensure the secure transport of your vehicle. If an unexpected breakdown leaves you in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the towing and recovery experts at Hoist Towing. We offer emergency roadside assistance throughout the Prescott region and its neighboring areas. Give us a call at (928)-660-0606 for immediate support and reliable service.

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