Reasons to pull over and call for roadside assistanceUnexpected roadside issues, especially when you don’t know exactly what’s happening, can be extremely stressful. Hoist Towing and Recovery recommends that drivers do the safest and smartest thing and pull off the roadway. If you are able, try to remedy the problem yourself. But if it’s an issue beyond your expertise, your safety and that of your passengers should be your most important consideration, and the reason you call for emergency roadside assistance.

Here are some common warning signs to pull off the road and possible get Roadside Assistance:

Strange or Loud Noises:

Any strange or loud noises should cause you to pull over right away. Any unfamiliar noise could be a sign of a serious issue involving your car’s transmission or engine. Be safe and pull over to do a quick inspection of your engine. Also, check underneath your car to see if you’re simply dragging some debris.

Sudden changes in Handling:

If your steering wheel suddenly begins to wobble, move on its own, feels like it’s stuck or even loose, pull over immediately. Check for a flat tire or wheel-related issue.

Smoke or Steam:

Signs of a fire, smoke, or steam are all indicators of serious trouble. If any of them are coming from your car something is definitely wrong. Steam may indicate your car is overheating and smoke may suggest an engine fire. If you see signs of a fire, pull over and get everyone safely out of the car and away from traffic. Call for Roadside Assistance.

Warning Lights:

Temperature and oil lights should be taken very seriously. Pull over. If your engine overheats it can cause severe, sometimes irreparable damage. If the check engine light comes on, don’t ignore it. While it may be something as simple as a loose or missing gas cap, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We suggest pulling off the road to avoid potential danger and damage.

Getting where you’re going safe and sound is your number one priority. If you experience vehicle problems or find yourself needing roadside assistance, call your local Prescott emergency roadside assistance experts at Hoist Towing and Recovery 7 days a week. Call us at 928-660-0606.

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