How to deal with a flat tireWhen you own a car, flat tires are a fact of life. It is always inconvenient, and in the moment, you may not know what to do. At Hoist Towing and Recovery, we are here to help get you out of trouble, but we also want to make sure you stay safe when you have a flat tire in Prescott.

Most of the time, it is obvious when your tire goes flat. You may notice your car bumping and pulling to one side. This is especially noticeable when it is a front tire. Once you notice your tire is flat what should you do?

Don’t Panic

There is no need to make any sudden moves. You may be tempted to pull over as fast as possible or stop quickly, but it is critical that you stay focused on the road and the traffic around you. Turn on your hazard lights, slow down, and make your way to the nearest shoulder. In some cases, you may need to pull into a center median. While it is important to not act too quickly, you should not drive on a flat tire for very long because it may damage your rims.

Call for Help

For many people, it may seem like second nature to begin changing a flat tire as soon as possible. But in many situations, it is more complicated than it sounds. After years of being taken off and put back on, the lug nuts may be too worn to remove with a regular tire wrench. In other situations, it may be too dangerous to get out of your car without a police car or tow truck to alert other drivers to your presence. Lastly, many newer model cars are relying on run-flat tires and inflator kits instead of a spare. If your tire has more than a small hole, these will not help you.

Use Caution

Always be careful when you are approached by someone offering help. Often times, it will be a kind stranger offering their assistance, but this is not always the case. If you have any concerns, stay in your car with the doors locked and the windows rolled up until a clearly marked police car, courtesy vehicle, or tow truck arrives.

When your tire goes flat, it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, so just remember: don’t panic, call for help, and use caution. If you have a flat tire, or for any other emergency roadside services in Prescott, Hoist Towing and Recovery is here to help get you on your way. Call us at (928)-660-0606.

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